Donors Speak About the Positive Impact of GiveStorm

GivestormThis week, more than of $10,000 was raised to create a Thomas J. Oord Endowed Scholarship at Northwest Nazarene University. On Wednesday 4/23/15 Katie Salisbury, who orchestrated the campaign, posted in the Support Tom Oord group on Facebook:


Total given through GiveStorm: $7670
Total given through NNU: $2450

My sense of God’s voice was true, and one alumnus gave $1,000 to get us over the top.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow…

That money was raised in only three (3) days!

An outpouring of love and joy poured into the thread of this announcement. Here are some of the comments:

Katie Royston Salisbury: Great news as I wrap up this day. NNU has received another $200 alumni gift! This brings our total for the scholarship to: $10,775! NNU donation total: $3050. GiveStorm total: $7725. … It was fully endowed 50 hours after I began working with GiveStorm. … The reason I want to leave the scholarship up on GiveStorm is that it will reach many more people than we will through this FB page. I think it’s worth the fees. I don’t think this would have come together so quickly had we chosen to give gifts directly to NNU. People like the anonymity GiveStorm provides.

GiveStorm’s advantages over traditional fundraising were highlighted

Dean Cowles: Wow Katie and everyone. This is awesome and what a great statement from the grassroots. We may not have a $1 million to give for new buildings but nnu was not built with bricks but students faculty and alumni who carry on the flame … I only wish I had children who were still college age to apply for this. What an honor for future students and I hope they archive all the support here. Oh wait I hope to have grand children so maybe they can. … Think about it, over $10,000 in 50 hours. I wonder how much an hour University raises on it’s own apart from tuition. And they have paid staff and a marketing budget when you take those cost out your grassroots fundraising is even more impressive.

People connected the money to those it will help the most

Susan Tice Perkins: Just think… this is the kind of scholarship that makes it possible for students like Kami Loraine to be at NNU. Her story is incredible! If there is any way I can help provide a safe place for God to work in this way, I’m in!! …  This is INCREDIBLE, Katie. To have $10,000 within 50 hours is amazing. 

The speed and ease of GiveStorm were appreciated

Ken Tennyson: Agreed, Katie Royston Salisbury. For smaller donors it is a simple and quick interface and easy to share on social media. I would keep it up. … For smaller donors I imagine most people aren’t worried about a tax receipt for $20 …

In this controversial situation, many were glad to “make a statement” from outside of the institution

Angie Swanson: I am thankful for the opportunity to give through GiveStorm for the reasons Katie mentioned. I love NNU with all my heart, but I’d like this particular donation and any donations I may give subsequent to this one (hopefully) to be registered as an outside effort.

GiveStorm is an easy to use fundraising platform that allows individuals and groups to raise money on behalf of an established charity or worthy cause. It uses social media and the power of social proof to make a storm of awareness and donations. Make a difference today with GiveStorm!


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