Patricia Somers-Hockett Offers the Key to Sales Success With

Patricia Somers-Hockett

“In sales, a referral is the key to the door of resistance.” ― Bo Bennett

Why referrals:

  • 400% more likely to close
  • Closing success of 60% vs. 10% for non-referred prospects
  • Provide 65%+ of new clients
  • 18% more likely to stay
  • 13.2% higher average spending
  • 16% greater lifetime value

Contact Patricia Somers-Hockett to see how you can unlock your massive potential for sales profits by using

This proven and effective system for building a professional practice. Build trust with personalized communications. Identify the key referral sources in your network. ranks your existing contacts based on those most likely to refer. Build trust with personalized communications. The site suggests messages and articles based on the specific interests of each of your key contacts. Easily connect in many ways, all at your fingertips.

Email, text, write, phone, or meet in person, and tracks your detailed communication with each key contact.

Call Patricia Today!


2145 E Pine Ave.
Meridian, ID 83642

Cell 208-869-4414

Office 208-367-9121


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