Growing Hispanic population part of Idaho’s history

encyc“Hispanics have been woven into the fabric of Idaho ever since it was granted statehood in 1890,” writes Cindy Mcfarland in the Idaho State Journal. “They came as trappers and traders then, and as the state’s agricultural industries grew, they worked in fields and on railroads. The labor they provided helped build the Gem State into what it is today.”

Today Latinos have the fastest rate of growth of any racial group statewide — more than double the growth percentage of the white population, the story says.

However, Latinos are mostly still working the same types of jobs they did in the state’s early decades, and low wages, health problems and a lack of education are still issues for the Latino community across Idaho, Mcfarland concludes.

“Contrary to stereotypes, Idaho’s Hispanic population is predominantly born in the United States. It’s also a young population — most Gem State Latinos are under the age of 30,” she wrote.

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