Under the Affluence: Shaming the Poor, Praising the Rich and Sacrificing the Future of America

wiseIn Under the Affluence, Tim Wise brilliantly engages the roots and ramifications of radical inequality in our nation, carefully detailing the heartless war against the poor and the swooning addiction to the rich that exposes the moral sickness at the heart of our culture. Wise’s stirring analysis of our predicament is more than a disinterested social scientific treatise; this book is a valiant call to arms against the vicious practices that undermine the best of the American ideals we claim to cherish.

Under the Affluence is vintage Tim Wise: smart, sophisticated, conscientious, and righteously indignant at the betrayal of millions of citizens upon whose backs the American Dream rests. This searing testimony for the most vulnerable in our nation is also a courageous cry for justice that we must all heed.—Michael Eric Dyson, author of The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America

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“White conservatives are quick to tell black folks and other folks of color to “stop being victims,” and to bash them for adopting a “victim mindset.” But then they base their entire political existence on the idea that they are victims: of brown immigrants, Muslims, “the gays,” trans folks, secular humanists, atheists, scientists, environmentalists, taxes, government regulations, affirmative action, Hollywood elitists, college professors, political correctness, feminism, anti-Christian bigots, the media, etc. In other words, the biggest professional victims on the planet — whose race, religion, and sexuality are still dominant throughout the society — think its OK to lecture others about the subject…fascinating. – “Tim Wise.


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