AXS CEO Troy McClain Gives Tips on How To Produce High Volume Content

I recently had a sit down with AXS CEO Troy McClain at his office in Boise Idaho. This dynamic leader, philanthropist, motivational speaker and business consultant shared some insights into just how he produces so much content and copy.jmttolw2

Troy says:

Over the years, people have asked me how I have been able to produce so many articles and major events in such a short period of time. In a recent interview on KTVB, they referred to my office and lifestyle as going 100 miles an hour.  We know how to burst out of the starting gate and make things happen. Our team has mastered the power of execution.

You might think that such a method must cause a lot of “mistakes.” I don’t believe in that word. However, sometimes we take a more difficult path. The next time we’ll take a less difficult path. Our outcomes are always good. Each has inherent value that is passed on to the next phase in the journey.

While we take massive and immediate action, this is not suggesting impulsiveness, poor planning or rash decisions. Troy said.

He shared an article by Brian Tracy, which offers great suggestions to find balance: “8 Task Management Tips To Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done.” Here are some of his words on the topic:

Get Things Done By Thinking On Paper:  List every step of the job in advance. Break the job down into its constituent parts before you begin. Simply writing out every detail and thoroughly preparing in advance will help you to stop procrastinating.

Come Fully Prepared: When you sit down to work or to begin a task, make sure that you have everything on hand so that you won’t have to get up or move until the task is done. Being fully prepared is a powerful motivator for staying with the task until it is finished.

“Salami Slice’’ The Task: Just as you would never try to eat a whole loaf of salami at once, don’t try to take on all of a job from the start. Sometimes the best way to stop procrastinating and complete a major job is to take a small slice and complete just that piece, just as you would take a single slice of salami and eat it.

Act now. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Acquire a Chief Aim, focus on it, and use the Law of Attraction.  It’s the secret that Napoleon Hill shared in The Law of Success.  Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein … every super successful person in history has utilized such techniques.  


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